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Mahalo Gourd  LbNA # 19110 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 14 2005
LocationPrinceville, HI
Planted ByDotMatrix325    
Found By MrOspital
Last Found Jul 23 2008
Hike Distance?

The Mahalo Gourd
Off of Punahele Road turn right. Look for a sign marked Trail.
You should see a cement wall this is the parking lot for the trail.
Find the trail that is towards the Pacific Ocean.
The Queens bath is at the end of the trail. Walk towards the bath, it is due west along rocks. Be careful there are some narrow pathways close to the ocean.
For the letterbox make your way back up the trail you came down on. Once you turn away from the valley or stream (depending on season) your getting close. Ahead is a group of trees, with spiky looking leaves at the top. Make your way there and rest in their shade. You may even see a gecko climbing from leaf to leaf. After resting a bit at a large rock on the right side of the trail, still under the shade of the trees, look 290 degrees. You will find a large flat rock coming out of the hillside resting on a round rock. Under this flat rock you will find the Mahalo Gourd hidden with rocks. Come back to the shade of trees and do your stamping. Conceal the box with rocks as the pine needles may be washed away by the rains.
This trail has lots of traffic in the summer.
Bring your swim suits, if you would like to soak in the Queens bath. Mahalo!