Pine Creek Series #7  LbNA # 19168

Placed DateOct 16 2005
LocationCammal, PA
Found By Monarch Lady
Last Found May 26 2008
Hike Distance?

A big "thank you" to the Bloomies for replacing this box and donating dry bags. Have a great adventure!

You can find this stamp by way of the famous Bob Webber Trail. Bob is a well known local that is a friend to every hiker. He has personally cared for thousands of miles of trails over the years and as a tribute to his great work this trail has been named after him. If you are lucky enough to meet Bob when in the area, be sure to thank him for taking such good care of these magnificent trails in Pennsylvania. Ask when he might be taking a group hiking with him next and you could be lucky enough to join them. You can find his hand carved walking sticks at Wolfe's General Store in Slate Run for about 10 bucks.

Park at the Ross Run Parking Area which is about 4 miles north of Cammal. This parking area is also used for the Golden Eagle Trail which lies just north of of the Bob Webber trail head. Head up the Bob Webber trail taking in the aroma of the pine and deciduous trees. This is a steep hill with a precarious trail. Bear left onto the trail that is marked "Pine Overlook". Once you bear left, it is about a 5 minute walk to the overlook (the total round trip of the hike is probably 45 minutes - fairly strenuous). Once you reach the overlook turn around and face the boulders, walk around the right side of the first boulder and then the left side of the second boulder and there, under a smaller rock you will find your quarry. Return to the Bob Webber Trail and either return back down to your vehicle or continue to climb to see the view of Raven's Horn and onto another vista. Enjoy your journey.