Omega  LbNA # 19171

Placed DateNov 8 2005
LocationOmaha, NE
Planted ByJWN    
Found By S and D
Last Found Sep 10 2008
Hike Distance?


Alpha- Alpha is the parking lot just south of the lake, on the east side of 168th Street.
Beta- Do not go in the direction of Apollo's rising. Instead, follow the direction of Apollo's course and halt at a cerise geometric shape.
Gamma- Turn in the direction of Polaris. Fear not the rushing sound of Chaos, nor the wailing voice crying out "Neenah", the inscription on the door of Hades.
Delta- Choose the path leading to Poseidon's domain.
Epsilon- From the place where 12 through 21 can be seen but 6 and 9 are absent, spot two light poles in the distance at approximately 30 degrees magnetic. Many travelers have reported that their compasses seem to be tormented in this location, so do not tarry long. Before you leave, take note of this: which pole appears to be taller? The taller pole shall be known as Theta.
Zeta- Do not continue into Poseidon's domain; rather return to the main path. You have done your business at Epsilon and must continue on your way.
Eta- Pass another door to Hades, where only the Erinyes may pass. They must recognize the inscription of "Neenah", but it means nothing to you. Take note of the sign pertaining to a single unit of measurement. Continue to Theta.
Theta- At Theta, two emerald banners can be seen at 120°. The inscription on one seems cryptic: "What does 444-5920 mean?", you wonder. The other has a partially obscured "6". You do not need to be concerned with such trivial matters, but mind the iota.
Iota- Go 30 paces at 85°.
Kappa- Go 44 paces at 35°. You will reach the midpoint of Lambda.
Lambda- At the midpoint of Lambda, take the sinistral path.
Mu- After a short time, you will be faced with a decision between 167 and 168. Choose 167, the road of Phaunus, not the road of Apollo.
Nu- Pass the domiciles of three birds. The second leans away from the path.
Xi- Observe the blue hieroglyph on a stump, a sign of a more primitive culture.
Omicron- From Xi, continue 40 paces.
Pi- Choose the way of nature, not the way of man.
Rho- Continue past the stream to the elevated birdhouse and leaning totem.
Sigma- Go 15 paces farther, and take the dextral path.
Tau- Find the remains of Tau, a tree dwelling.
Upsilon- From Tau, take 43 steps at 80° magnetic to a modest glade. (Exercise caution: The Sycamore is friendly, but others have thorns.)
Phi- Proceed at 140° for 65 steps to the tall, slender tree on the edge of the prairie.
Chi- A stone's throw due south of this tree, find the place where Hephaestus pounds out Deeter.
Psi- At 130°, see two olive trees from Scythia. Go to the trees, but fear the Locust with thorns if you stray to the left.
Omega - Omega rests at the base of one of the trees.

Please re-hide well. Make sure the box is secured so that it will not blow away.
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