Clegg Park Letterbox  LbNA # 19177 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 30 2005
LocationLafayette, IN
Found By Maggadeth
Last Found May 11 2008
Hike Distance?

Directions to Clegg Botanical Gargens:
Begin at the Lafayette Court House. Head East on Ferry Street. At the intersection of Ferry and N 9th Street take a LEFT (heading North). Continue to Greenbush. Take a RIGHT on Greenbush (heading East) Cross Indiana 52 and continue until Greenbush T's at Creasy Lane. Turn LEFT on Creasy (heading North) until Creasy Lane becomes Eisenhower Road. Eisenhower will cross over Wildcat Creek and T with 400 E. Take 400 E. to the LEFT (heading North). The first parking lot on the Right is Clegg Park's Lot. You have arrived.

Now to our box.

Sign in, then follow Wildcat Creek Trail along the river until you find the cave/grotto. Once there, head down stream. (make sure the river is on your left) Throw a rock in for good luck, and follow the trail until it meets Oak Savanna Loop. You are getting close now. Follow the trail to the right, to the first look out. Rest a while, as you are probably tired, and enjoy the ability to be outside on this most awesome of adventures! When you are well rested, continue on your way up the ten (10) small steps. Be attentive to the trail you are walking on or you might miss them. At the final step pace out 5 strides to the tree touching the Right hand side of the trail. Turn to face the River. Take one step off of the trail. You will be able to see two (2) felled trees. One of them is hollow on the far end. In that hollow log you will find our box.

Good Luck!