First Shoe Tied, Redux  LbNA # 19184

Placed DateJul 9 2006
LocationEast Multnomah Co., OR
Planted ByLogos    
Found By The Bunny Clan
Last Found Jun 23 2009
Hike Distance?

7/9/06 Update: We've recarved the stamp (it's a little different now) and moved the box to a completely new location. Happy hunting!


As we were trying to get out the door to go letterboxing last November, then-5-year-old Snuggle Bunny suddenly began jumping up and down in delight, shouting that she had tied her shoe for the first time. I had previously shown her how to do it only two times, so I was a little dubious. But lo and behold, she really had tied it (even if it was a little loose). She was so excited that she wanted to carve a stamp to commemorate the illustrious event.


Begin your quest at the only park in the village, where children play without their dogs, and where you might see baseball and airplanes.

Follow the winding path past the rules. If you follow in the footsteps of the Three Billy Goats Gruff, you're heading the right way. Through wetlands and cedars, cottonwoods and rolling lawns the trail wanders, and you follow.

When the trail forks, take the right and ford the mighty waters. In the meadow, look south to the lone stately tree. From there, find where the wise man would have built his house (refer to your Sunday School teacher if necessary!). Check between and under for the Shoe.

Snuggle Bunny doesn't want this to be too hard for other kids, so if you need a hint, e-mail us and we'll cheerfully help you along.

Questions or comments to Snuggle Bunny, c/o Logos at