Erinaceus Europaeus Highpoint  LbNA # 19194

Ownerblue angel pumbaa    
Placed DateNov 11 2005
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Aug 10 2011
Hike Distance?

Park on the left just before the gates. Head down the trail past the welcoming stone and cross over two wooden bridges. You will be following the light blue blazes. The path takes a sharp left then a sharp right. The ridge to the mountain will be on your left. Keep going until you see the sign for "Summit" and "Stonewall". Follow the signs. You will go up the rocks and find a stone wall on your right. In a few steps you'll see a path that goes through a break in the stone wall. There are no blazes on this trail. Keep walking and you'll see the remnants of old foundations. See the old well nearby (covered & stacked with rocks)? Careful! Don't fall in! **For those with children or pets - watch out for rusty old metal and some broken glass in the ground.** Look about halfway along the foundation that's near the well -- see the tumbled rocks? Look in the crevices of the tumbled rocks of the foundation wall to find a little critter.
Continue back the same way to the parking lot or take the trail to the summit before heading home. From the top on a clear day you may get a view of Mt. Washington.