Two Loads of Swag - For Real Pirates ONLY  LbNA # 19209 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 11 2005
LocationSitka, AK
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Ahoy mates! Yer in for a real kick! Here's a load of swag for ye landlubbers out there that are just dying to live the pirate life. First off, besides bringing ye stamp, ye ink pad, and whatever other rubbish ye may have, make sure yer carrying a pen with ye. To find me treasure, go to Moller Field and walk down the stairs of doom. At the bottom of the stairs of doom, ye shall spot a path on the other side of the field - right next to that thing called a scoreboard. Go along that path and stop when ye come to a spot where there's several options to go. Look to ye right. Ye shall see a structure created by man-kind to set yer little hiney on, in other words a bench, a couple of meters ahead. Walk to that bench. When ye are really close ye shall see a square-shaped thing in the ground that people make their fires in. Put the tips of yer shoes on the side of the fire pit that is closest to ye. From there, ye shall be facing a huge body of water - Swan Lake. Just by looking straight ahead, ye shall see a mighty tree, so big that ye can barely wrap yer arms around it. To the left of that tree you shall see a much skinnier one. Go to that tree, but be careful or you'll crack yer skull open. To the right of that tree is a little plant - don't know of the name - (curse that teacher of mine!) and to the right of that little plant shall be a little area big enough to rest yer two feet. Er maybe yer like me and ye have just one... Anywho, now look ahead of you. Chin up! Take in that view. Blimey! Ain't it a beauty? That is the first load of swag and when yer ready, look down at yer feet to find the second one. Now turn yer head to the left a little bit until ye see a little plant. Now look above that plant. There shall be a pile of dirt right by the little plant and the tree. Don't be an addlepate and stare at the darn thing! Dig out the dirt and find me treasure! Don't worry your little nails about getting dirty! God made dirt. Dirt won't hurt. Avast! You have found me letterbox! Read the contents of the box and do what it says. When yer done, put it back and make sure ye hide it well. Don't want to let the next person spot it so quickly… Good job, me bucko. Yo-ho-ho!