Lazy Day Walk  LbNA # 19215

OwnerLittle Bird    
Placed DateNov 12 2005
LocationBrooklyn Park, MN
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

There is a Park in "Brookyn Park" known for its Oak Trees; off Zane Av. Drive way back in, then once in there, & you get parked in the lot, go to your right between the two picnic areas & the playground. There's a walking path that will take you back into the trees, around & around, actually its a reaaly nice walk back in there. You will come to a T in the path, & you want to go to the left. You again will come to another path, though this time a dirt one, that will go either left or right, take a left & go about 80 paces to another dirt path that goes to the left. Go about 20-25 paces & look to your left & you'll see a you will see a white barked (birch?) tree that is partially laying on its side with its feet out of the ground. Look under the bark at its base to find your prize. Happy Hunting!