CFPA 2nd Annual Picnic  LbNA # 19273

Placed DateSep 1 2005
LocationEast Hampton, CT
Planted ByRobbo    
Found By Chrissy
Last Found Nov 7 2011
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Hurd State Park C.F.P.A. Letter Boxes

These boxes were placed prior to the 2nd Annual
Connecticut Forest and Park Association Trail Volunteer picnic. Each year new stamps will be placed in the park hosting the picnic. It will be most helpful to have a copy of the DEP map of the park to find these boxes. Enjoy!

1. From the Pavilion to the “park” head south to where the youths do sleep. Although, you may not see me, I be “red”.

2. Follow me up and down and over the “wood of the king”, until coming to the road you become “righteous”.

3. Follow along the road to the gate that is my color, by which I mean yellow.

4. Past the gate and to the right, you will begin to ascend a height.

5. When it is time for “T”, it will be no time to be righteous.

6. Along the rock, along the sky, the map says one thing now another. It will be a ways before you can see that someone bothered to paint a tree!

7. To quote the Great Yogi, “ When you come to a fork in the road-take it”.

8. Nothing here is to be “overlooked”

9. From the one that stands alone; turn your back to what you’ve seen and spy a stone standing on its head. Follow this line to the low rock ledge. Follow the ledge to the left to a pile of rocks. Here you will find a stamp that gives you the big picture.

10. Retrace your steps ‘til you find the sign you left behind. Go the way you haven’t. If in 30 steps you turn around, you’ll find I’m not a coward-I’m just “yellow”.

11. At the next fork in the trail you will find it’s no place for a “level” head.

12. When it is once more time for “T”, do the opposite of what was once done.

13. Follow the rectangle of red to the road ahead.

14. Turn at an angle, ever so slight, until you are facing to your right.

15. The map says I’m red but I look blue instead.

16. Over the bridge and up the hill. It’s a little steep, have you the will?

17. Up on the level, a wall of large rocks to right, almost out of sight. In the wall, a towering tulip of much might. Around and behind you will find, the stamp, which will define. (If cedar you do see you have passed right by me)

18. Back on the trail and continue-c’mon you’ve got it in you!

19. Ahead, what do you see? The Pavilion, and you’ve found all of me.