sneaky snake  LbNA # 19283 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 12 2005
Locationdanville, IL
Found By Always On The Go
Last Found Nov 2 2007
Hike Distance?

Removed 10-10-11 for winter

Kickapoo Park
Drive toward Inland Sea. Park at the "Jane/John" between Horse-Fly and Frog Bog. Take trail to the left until you see the "Spooky" sign. Follow the spooks along the ridge, After passing several spooks. look for one on right before descent. Walk the camel's back, see H20 and make sharp bend. At the first fork, turn right into a small valley that is not a trail. Look for the large leaning tree on a small rise. At the base of the tree, find the big stronghold that keeps the tree from falling over. Under a rock and this stronghold, you'll find sneaky snake.
After signing and stamping (bring your own stamp pad), return box to exact spot. Return to trail turning right. After lofty ascent, exit trail to the road before you croww the wooden bridge, or you'll have miles to go. Turn left on road to return to your vehicle. Approximate length of trail is 1 mile.
Note: Gate to this part of the park may sometimes be closed. This would add about another 1/2 mile.