Loggerhead  LbNA # 1929 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 20 2002
CountyPalm Beach
LocationBoca Raton, FL
Planted Byterrapin traveliers    
Found By Southern Oracle
Last Found Apr 16 2005
Hike Distance?

You are looking for a Nature Center named for a tree that is known for its distinctive peeling bark (some call it the "tourist tree"). When you find the place, you can begin your quest. Turn into the driveway and park off to the right. Make a donation and pick up a trail map at the main building. Take time to look at some of the displays and exhibits--beware of the king snake! The saltwater tanks out back are very impressive, especially the sea turtles. The Boardwalk Trail is a nice walk, however what you seek is on the North Trail. Follow the yellow butterflies out of the nature center --it will lead you to the butterfly garden. Take time to enjoy the multitude of flowers, and butterflies. As you continue along, stay to the left. You will pass bee boxes and Alice's bench on your left. Continuing ahead, you will come upon a seating area with eight long benches in a clearing. In the northeast corner of this area you will see a cabbage palm (sabal palmetto) to the left of some Australian pine trees. Behind this palm, at its base, you will find what you seek. The box is covered well and deep under pine
needles and a flat stone. Beware of critters when reaching into dark places. Be discrete! Use the nearby benches to sit down andstamp. Please replace the box exactly where you found it, well hidden, and under the flat stone. We hope that you enjoy your visit, it's a lovely park.