Dude's Duds: Three  LbNA # 19301 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 16 2005
LocationMurfreesboro, TN
Found By GanGan and Papa
Last Found Oct 4 2011
Hike Distance?

**** Box 3 is fine, Box 1 and 2 are missing ****

Make your way to:

retneC rotisiV dleifelttaB lanoitaN reviR senotS

Walk or drive around this 2.5 mile loop.
(I forgot my compass, so I have to resort to directions using "right" and "left". Bear with me, and I'll change the directions next time I visit, making sure I bring my compass with me.)

3. Dude's Duds: Lonely Nights on the Range

For this one, don't be fooled by the parking area between Tour Stop 2 and 3, be sure you go all the way to the Tour Stop 3 sign. From the small parking area by Tour Stop 3, locate the thick 2 trunked tree at the left hand corner of the parking area. From this tree, walk parallel to the road 12 steps to the tree line. At this point, several steps inside the tree line you will find a 6 trunked tree. The box is inside the center of the 6 trunks.