Lost Boxes  LbNA # 19374

Placed DateNov 20 2005
LocationColts Neck, NJ
Found By Higgins Hot Box
Last Found Sep 6 2015
Hike Distance?

Difficulty rating: 2 - Straightforward clues allow this box to be easily found. May require some alertness off the trail to find the letterbox.

Terrain rating: 2 - Handicapped accessible. Most of terrain is paved, relatively flat, and less than a 2 mile round-trip hike is required. Suitable for elementary-school aged children. Off-trail portion of hike is short and may have some overgrowth. Poison Ivy was recently reported.


The nicest, newest park in Monmouth County is koorbroD.


Garden State Parkway to Exit 109. Turn west onto Route 50/520 (Newman Springs Road). Follow Route 520 (1.5 miles) to Swimming River Road (Rt 50); turn left. Follow Swimming River Road to Route 537 West (Colts Neck Rd), turn right. Drive west on 537 and start to slow down after going under a RR tressel. Turn right into park. Park in the rear parking lot near the skate rink, not the tennis court.


Go west out of the parking lot and follow the paved trail North past the skate rink and then around the curve to the north west side of the park. This is the northern-most point of the paved trail. At the blue bench, take the spur trail to the right of the bench and turn left. Go 13 steps and look left. There is the remains of a fallen tree - now a pile of sticks - a few paces in.

Hidden in the pile-o-sticks is the box. The box is disguised in an old cammo bag. Use the bench to stamp-in and watch for muggles when you replace the box. Please seal the baggie tightly.

Please rehide this box better than you found it, with rocks, sticks, and leaves. Please do not allow children to rehide the box unsupervised.

From here, hike deeper into the woods to the north west. Careful of your step: you are approaching a cliff. After an enjoyable view of the swimming lake, go west along the cliffline to a small cabin. Follow the dirt road out to the paved trail.


koorbroD Park is just north of the US Naval Weapons facility. In a massive government conspiracy, this is where all the lost letterboxes are deposited. True!

The Hand-Carved Stamp:

The television show "Lost" depicts the Dharma Initiative logo with a swan. The logo is based on the Ba-Gua, a popular Chinese good luck emblem.

The Dharma Initiative is a company involved in manipulating the fabric of chance and reality based on the thoughts and desires of its customers. You know, normal stuff.

The Ba-Gua is an energy map based on the concepts of Yin-Yang, the Eight Trigrams of the I-Ching and the theory of the Five Elements. It is a mystical representation of all of the various combinations of Yin-Yang energy. The 8 sides of the octagon correspond to: Family/Health; Wealth; Fame/Rank; Marriage; Children; Helpful People; Career; Knowledge.

The major difference between the Ba-Gua and the Dharma Initiative symbol is that the DHARMA symbol has replaced the inner yin-yang circle of BaGua with a stylized "Swan" symbol. But the "swan" is shaped into a kind of yin-yang curve, too.