Fairchild Fantasy  LbNA # 19387

Placed DateNov 22 2005
LocationDonalsonville, GA
Found ByWoodswoman
Last UpdateDec 27 2014

Fairchild Fantasy

Box was originally placed by Dream Whisperer on Nov 22, 2005. It was destroyed by fire and replaced 4/13/2007. Box was adopted by Kirbert in Jan 2011. Checked on 1/30/2011, found to still be in place but in poor condition. Container and log were replaced, but the stamped pages from the previous log (from 4/13/2007) were sealed in a baggie and left in the box. The ink pad that had been in the box was discarded.

Box contains a store-bought stamp.

The following clues have been slightly updated but should still reflect the original planter's guidance.

If you're in Seminole County anyone can tell you how to get to River Rd. at Lake Seminole. You'll find Fairchilds Park off River Rd. Follow Fairchild State Park Rd. all the way in (staying to the left where it forks) to the boat landing and fishing piers. You'll see a picnic area just past the fishing piers. Go all the way to the very last picnic table. From it, looking directly across the road into the trees you'll see two pine trees growing close together; one of them turns out towards the left from about halfway on up to the top. At the base of the other one there's a hollowed out area where I've placed the box, covered with pine needles. (It's a total of 95 steps from the picnic table to the two trees. Keep in mind that I'm only 5"1" so you might not need as many steps!!)

Happy Hunting!!