The Elephant Wire Act  LbNA # 19410

Placed DateNov 24 2005
LocationOccoquan, VA
Found By windsurfgator
Last Found Apr 23 2014
Hike Distance?

The Elephant Wire Act is located in Fountainhead Regional Park, 10875 Hampton Road, Fairfax Station, VA. Directions to the Park: I-95South, exit Occoquan and travel north on Rte. 123 approximately 5 miles. Turn left onto Hampton Road and drive 3 miles to entrance on the left.

The entire walk, from the yellow gate to the letter box, is about 3/4 of a mile one-way. From the trail head, the walk is a little more than 1/4 mile one-way.

Park is open 3/19-11/12 from dawn to dark. If you are traveling there during the off-season, you will need to park before the yellow gate and walk to the first large parking lot on your right. If you are driving, proceed through the yellow gate to the parking lot on your right.

Begin at the first trail head near the map of trails. The trail is marked by blue horseshoes. After about 15 yards the trail splits. The left is marked by blue horseshoes "pouring water." The right is marked by blue horsheshoe "holding water." Follow the trail to the right.

The trail curves right toward the picnic tables that you just walked by as you entered the trail ... and then turns left again.

Follow the trail under the "bridge tree."

Continue on the path until you reach the fence and must go either right or left.

Turn left on the trail.

Follow the trail until you find yourself at the top of a hill that you never climbed up.

Before you go down the hill, look to your left and you will see a long mossy ridge extending about 40 yards into the forest.

Climb up the small ridge and walk along its top to its end.

At the end, the ridge flattens out into what seems like a former path grown over.

Climb over one thin fallen tree.

Walk a little more.

Walk over one more thin fallen tree.

Walk a little more.

Walk over three thin trees lying close together across the path.

Find the first big tree on your right after that.

Extending out of the bottom right of the tree will be three barbed wires (now without their barbs) that the tree has grown around.

The Elephant Wire Act is hidden under leaves and brush behind it.


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