COPS & ROBBERS: The Kidnapping; The Kidnapped*  LbNA # 19413

Placed DateNov 26 2005
Location???, VA
Found By ???
Last Found Dec 3 2005
Hike Distance?

***box pulled as of April 22, 2006....being dried out and replaced in the next week or so..***

This is the second edition in the "Cops and Robbers" letterbox series. It is a bit different than your normal letterboxes, in that your mission is to retrieve clues via stamps in order to slove the location or something to find the final stamp. You will also need to take note of your surroundings and read info signs, etc to get the final prize. Every one will be a bit different, and provide the letterboxer with a new experience. Clues in the stamps leading up to the last stamp might or might not be important....Its up to you to figure out the key to the final box...Its a mind puzzle..and i hope to advance each one in the series in hike length, and complexity...enjoy.

"...well, my fellow detectives...we aint got much to go on until now...We think this might be the break we've been looking for to stop this serial kidnapper.....It seems, John Himes, a sanitation worker found some ripped up paper that might be important in solving this case..He found them in a bag, blowing around the suburban streets of Sterling, Virginia....Its in your hands careful..our suspect should be considered armed and dangerous..good luck."
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