The Dino Mite Box  LbNA # 19438

OwnerRad Rhymer    
Placed DateNov 24 2005
LocationHays, KS
Found By Baats
Last Found Jul 17 2010
Hike Distance?

This letterbox was originally placed on 11/24/05 by my ten year old son, Wildcat George, who wrote the clues and carved his own stamp. It recently came up missing, but was replaced by Wildcat George(who is now 12)on July 15, 2007. The clues have not been changed, as it is in the same general location.

Once upon a time there was a little dinosaur named Fred. He heard there were dinosaurs in the Sternberg Museum in Hays, Kansas, so he started wondering if he might have some relatives there. He decided it might be a good idea to visit the museum and find out. He headed south down Vine Street on Highway 183 and when he came to 27th Street, he made a left-hand turn and headed east. When he got to Canterbury Drive, he made another left-hand turn and headed north. At the end of the road was the museum, but to his disappointment, it was locked up for the night. Fred was very tired after his long walk, so he headed for the parking lot across the street, east of the museum.
"Where can I sleep for the night?" he asked himself. Then, he noticed a row of cedar trees on the north side of the parking lot, so he decided to check them out. To his surprise, he found a nifty green container nestled in the middle tree! It was just a mite small, but he managed to crawl inside, and before long he fell fast asleep. He's still sleeping there, but he really needs to go home because his mother is worried about him. If you find him, please tell him to go home right away or he'll be grounded. Thank you!