Tribal Animals From India  LbNA # 19455

Placed DateNov 10 2005
LocationStone Mountain, GA
Found By The Gamecock
Last Found May 24 2009
Hike Distance?

Huey Horse
Stand at the back of 3013. The box is in the “V” of the tree that is due north.

Eleanor Elephant
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Locate the sign pictured above. It is about 10 feet off the ground from the base of the tree it is attached to. It can be seen from the road. Go straight on the path that is to the left of this sign. Go left at the fork. Take 17 steps on this path. You should be standing on a rock. To your right, behind the pine tree, Eleanor is well-hidden in the rocks.

Lillian Lion
To the right hand side of the tallest woman at Stone Mountain.

Frederica Fish
Start at the “Land having a cover of trees and shrubs”. Find the large rock right beside here and take the path behind it. About 40 steps before the water, take a slight right. Follow this faint path to the downed tree. The box is under the log on the front side.

Percivel Peacock
Go into the grill area reserved only for adult patrons. Take the northeast exit. Head southeast to the nearest callbox. From there, go the only way you can until you reach the fountain. Go to the right down the hill until you see the large rocks on the left-hand side. Take the path that starts here. Just before the 25 mile per hour speed limit sign that is at the road, there is a large rock that is about 18 feet off the road. The box is hidden where the fallen log meets the rock.