Jennette Sedge Trio  LbNA # 19462

Placed DateNov 25 2005
LocationBuxton, NC
Found By Fins to the Left
Last Found Sep 4 2007
Hike Distance?

Jennette Sedge Trio

Go to Old Doctor's Road off of Route 12 in Buxton. It is an unmarked sand road about 0.6 miles south of the Hatteras School - "Home of the Hurricanes." You'll see the sign "Buxton Woods Coastal Reserve" where you need to park. If you have 4-wheel drive you can drive to the end of this road and park, but if you don't, don't even try it. There are big ditches and very soft sand. You'll most likely bottom out. It's a nice "road" to walk anyway. Just relax and enjoy the shade and quiet. You're unlikely to encounter anyone out here.

About an hour walking, add a half and hour or so for stamping.

Buxton Woods is the largest remaining maritime forest in the southeast. It consists of pine and oak covered dune ridges interspersed with maritime swamp forest and unique marshy wetlands. It's a very rare ecosystem for a barrier island and consists of 968 acres used for research, education and recreation.

On a walk here you might see one of 360 bird species including bald eagles and peregrine falcons, plus gray fox, white tailed deer, mink, rover otter, box tutrles, salamanders and letterboxes!

1. Pelican's Nest

- Start walking down the sand road. You'll pass the cemetery on your left and then a "Buxton Woods" sign on your right.
- Take a right at the first "Y" in the road. Soon you'll pass the marsh on your left.
- Take a left at the next "Y" in the road (more like going straight).
- At the third "Y" go right (again more like straight).
- Before you get to the island of trees that is the dead end of this road you will see a trail going off to your left and you'll see the trail sign in the woods. Take this trail.
- Turn left at the "Y" in the trail shortly after you start.
- Take 22 steps up the trail and stop. Look to your left and take 15 steps to the fallen tree on your left and look for the Pelican's Nest letterbox nestled in a hole in the tree.

Please take the time to reseal the container and rehide and reweight this letterbox. Weather is severe on these barrier islands and the letterboxes will need a lot of TLC to survive.

2. Tortuga's Lie

- Continue back on the trail up the dune.
- Step over the log and crest the dune.
- Go right and downhill on the main trail. You'll see the slide trail to your left. Ignore it.
- Go down and then up a dune.
- Look carefully for a large gully on your left. Just at the end of the gully you'll be at a "Y" in the trail, although some of it is faint. Take the left at this "Y" and go uphill.
- You will soon come to a "T" in the trail. You'll be looking over the Jenette Sedge. Isn't it pretty? You'll also be able to see a trail sign on the tree on the right trail.
- Take a right at this "T".
- Count 35 steps down the trail and over the one stair.
- Turn to your right and see a stump that is taller than you are.
- Look for the letterbox at the intersection of this stump and the downed tree behind it.

Again, reseal, reweight and rehide as best you can.

3. Jennette Sedge

- Continue along the trail again, overlooking the Jennette Sedge on your left.
- Follow the trail down some steps.
- Duck under a fallen tree.
- At the "Y" go to the right.
- Go up more stairs.
- At the top of the stairs is a stump on the right.
- Go a couple of steps beyond this stump and turn off trail to the right. Walk over the mossy log and go another 8 steps or so and look behind the fallen tree for the Jennette Sedge letterbox.

Reseal, rehide, reweight.

- Return to the main trail and continue the way you were going.
- When you come to a "T" turn left. Pass thru some stumps and then you'll be back at the trail head and then at the road.
- Turn right down the sand road and return to our car at the intersection of Old Doctor Rd and Route 12.