OBX - Frisco  LbNA # 19467 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 25 2005
LocationFrisco, NC
Found By Fins to the Left
Last Found Jun 16 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 19 2015

OBX - Frisco

This box is hidden at one of our favorite beaches on the Outer Banks. Becuase of the way it is situated, this beach can have great protection from rough waves when the rest of the ocean is churning. It's a great spot to bring the family to swim.


Frisco is situated at the edge of Buxton Woods between Buxton and Hatteras Village. Once called Trent, or Trent Woods, Frisco gained its new name with the arrival of its post office in 1898. Presumably, the name Trent was too similar to that of a mainland post office. The townspeople suggested the postal service change the name to San Francisco, but that was nixed and shortened to Frisco.

Tiny Frisco houses part of the shady and serene Buxton Woods, where nature walks are a must. It is also home to the nationally recognized Frisco Native American Museum, run by Carl and Joyce Bornfriend. The tranquil museum is filled with authentic Indian artifacts and educational displays. Be sure to tap the drum for good luck when you leave. The site of an ancient Indian village has been found near the museum and is being excavated.

Find the address 54731 on Route 12 in Frisco. It's on the ocean side. Park here and go to the outside showers. Go to the SW (right hand as you face the ocean) shower. Under the boardwalk on this jut out on the SW side is the letterbox. Be gentle with the dunes and try to reach this box from the boardwalk. This is a tricky, windy spot, so do your best to shore it up wth woods scraps and debris to keep it from blowing out of it's hiding spot.