Lessons from the Jukebox # 18  LbNA # 19489

Placed DateNov 25 2005
LocationMokane, MO
Found By The Scorp
Last Found Jul 14 2007
Hike Distance?

'Lessons from the Jukebox # 18; The Witchita Lineman & My Eyes Adored' is a LB I've planted for The Highlander and the Sprite as part of thier effort to plant a LB in each state.

Be advised, this is a BYOI (Bring Your Own Ink) LB and a pace equal two steps.

I choose one of Missouri's best highways for this little LB. Highway 94 that runs along the Missouri River Bottom. A beautiful drive anytime, but is rated as one of the nation's best drives in the Fall as the trees along the bluff tops change color. Also a wonderful way to reach the German town of Herman. I should also mention here that the Katy Trail runs along Hwy 94. A great place to hike or bike, even with the little ones as it is flat and smooth.

To reach find 'Lessons from the Jukebox' hop on Hwy 94 any where and head towards the small town of Mokane. If you're heading in from Hwy 54 (Jefferson City) you find Mokane first, but breeze on by staying on 94. Pass one gravel road on your left, then turn on the next available gravel road which will be 453. If your coming from the East, you'll pass through Steedman first, then find 453 just after you cross the Auxvasse Creek.

You'll notice the Auxvasse Creek to the right with a large metal bridge crossing it. You'll also notice the Katy Trail running across 453. Park where you can and take the trail West, heading away from the bridge. Go 29 paces from the trails wooden gate. Standing on the trail take a bearing on the telephone pole on your left. Get a bearing of 171°. To your right is a large stone just off the trail. Draw an imaginary line from the pole, to the rock and to the rock bluff face on the right. Go to the bluff and you'll find a large hole at your feet. Directly above that at chest level is a hole hidden by a well placed rock. Lessons lie behind this rock.

During the summer the vines may obscure the hole. Persistance will pay, but watch out for possible poision ivy.

Please be dicrete in your LB activities and prudent in your re-hiding. Remember, only you can prevent Improper Re-Hideation.

Drop me a line when you've learned your lesson and I'll pass it along to the Highlander and The Sprite.