Austin ain't got nothin' on us now!  LbNA # 19492 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 27 2005
LocationHouston, TX
Planted Bymother of five    
Found By Snow Cat
Last Found Mar 9 2008
Hike Distance?

The title of this box in no way indicates that I hold any ill feelings about the wonderful city of Austin. It is just that for a long time I have felt that the one thing Ausin had that Houston didn't was BATS...until now! The Waugh bridge over the Allen Parkway in downtown Houston is home to about 250,000 Mexican Freetail bats. They emerge from their roost around dusk to go in searh of food, and if you go to the bridge at this time you can have the spectacular experience of watching them. On the third Friday of every month volunteers from the Park People are at the bridge to answer questions. For more information about this bat colony contact the Park People at 713-942-7275. If you have never seen a large colony of bats emerging at dusk, take the time to go. It is a spectacular sight you won't soon forget!

Directions: From I-10 E exit Studemont. Go right on Studemont to the Allen Parkway. Turn right on the Allen Parkway. Just before the Waugh bridge you will see a small parking lot on your right (look for the spherical fountain.) Park there.

Clues to the box: From the parking, stand on the sidewalk facing the treeline,keeping the street at your back and the fountain on your right. On your left there will be a concrete wall at the edge of the sidewalk. Stand at the edge of this wall closest to the fountain and face the trees. Walk straight toward the trees for 20 steps, arriving at a large tree stump totally surrounded by a wild tangle of vines right at the edge of the woods. The box is at the base of this stump, wedged between the stump and a rather thick vine, covered with tree bark and leaves. After stamping in, please make sure box is wedged tight and covered well, as this can be a high traffic area at times. If you want to see the bats (and I hope you do!) then continue on down the sidewalk to the Waugh Drive bridge. We sat on the grass to see the seemed to be a good spot, as we saw plenty! Good luck, and please e mail to let me know what you find!