Cap'n Jack's Silver Treasure Chest  LbNA # 19498 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 27 2005
CountySanta Clara
LocationSan Jose, CA
Found By Cellissimo
Last Found Mar 8 2006
Hike Distance?

Cap'n Jack's Silver Treasure Chest

(This is my first Letterbox, actually a hybrid geocache. It wasn't until I placed the cache that I decided to create the clue text which was so much like a letterbox. Plan for the hike to take 45 minutes, although your mileage may vary...)

Secret treasure is hidden by the shore!

Captain Jack was something of an underachiever. While most pirates sailed the open seas, Jack preferred to haunt the waters of Calero Reservoir. Other pirates had treasure chests brimming with gold doubloons, but Jack had to make do with silver. In fact, some historians go so far as to suggest that Jack's cannons were in fact mere potato guns and that his peg leg was in fact just Jack stomping one foot and saying "Thump! Thump!" as he walked.

No matter. What's important is the recent discovery of pages from Cap'n Jack's log, which offer these tantalizing clues as to the location of his mighty silver treasure chest:

"Captain's Log entry, October 14th, 1704. Today I drank a lot once again. First mate Scully was being a major pain in the Captain's bottom, so I let him have it with me cutlass! Har! That'll teach that scallywag! And I'm sure his arm will grow back in no time at all, and anyway the new hook looks rather fetching if ye ask me...

I think he's lustin' after me treasure again though, so last night I came up with a plan to hide it from that lily-livered scoundrel...

I snuck away from our Annual Pirate's Buffet and Rum-Guzzlin' Contest under the roof at Ed's Place (after drinkin' me fair share of rum of course) and made me way along the water's edge towards the west I think, to the small dam, takin' the high road there on the other side just past the logs. I went on quite a ways to the end of the road, through the fence gap to the narrow grass trail, making sure not to trip on that cursed low wire... I went past the mottled stones, on past cove corner, and past the green rocks at the turn. I thought it might have been safe here, but decided 'twould be best to carry on even further... So I kept going, watchin' me step where it be treacherous on the path, past the green-frosted rock and on three dozen paces, keeping to the high trail where the lower trail crosses the low fence Finally after goin' 'round the bend (and Cap'n Jack knows all about that he does) I staggered the last dozen or so paces before carefully hiding me chest nearby... Where none shall ever find it but me! Unless of course, they have one of them new-fangled GPS doohickies and use the coordinates I wrote there at the top of this here page..."

The only entry in the logbook after this was an irrational seventeen pages of mostly gibberish, claiming that his revenge-minded first mate had foolishly opened a cage below deck that held something called The Blood Ape, and that they were all doomed. We'll never know for sure what happened to Cap'n Jack, but perhaps someday, somehow, someone will discover Cap'n Jack's silver treasure chest.

Park at the main lot at Calero to the right of the boat ramp, at the north entrance to the park. There is a park fee (county park pass works though) and there's no free legal parking anywhere remotely close, unfortunately. Please obey the various park rules and hours. This lovely part of the park is rarely occupied except by occasional fishermen (catch and release only) on the shore and the boaters on the water. Bikes and dogs aren't allowed on most of the trail, and the trail isn't shown on the official map. Snakes and ticks are found in this park and I have encountered both in season. Near the cache, stay on the near side of the fence with the no trespassing signs. Good shoes are in order, especially for the last few yards to the box!