Christmas Star  LbNA # 19538 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 1 2005
LocationLouisville, KY
Found By DS
Last Found Sep 20 2006
Hike Distance?

Clues: More than 2000 years ago sages from the middle east were studying the nighttime sky. They saw a brilliant new star that none of their charts could explain. They went to Jerusalem because they knew this was a sign that a King had been born to the Jewish people in Israel (who had been without one for hundreds of years!). The priests told them where to go and they went!
Go to E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park. It is located just west of 265. Exit on Westport road and turn right. Pass a statue of an Indian on your left and another brown sign will tell you when to turn left. OK, it's not as glamorous as Bethlehem in Judea, but it's a nice park. When you enter the park, head left toward the yellow and blue playground that is between the tennis courts and a covered picnic pavillion.
Start at the big tree off the corner of the playground with funny roots on the ground around the tree that form a lumpy surface you can stand on. Now Herod was the King at the time in Jerusalem, and he got nervous that this new king might replace him - so he sent these wise men to find the baby for him and bring back news so he could "go and worship him too" (but his motives were not as pure as all that). From this tree, make a break past the little double slide and under a slanted yellow bar, slipping straight ahead into a pine needle clearing.
The wise men knew better than to give away the baby's location to this mean king, and they snuck back to their country by another route. Concealed in this safe haven, turn right, and with the tennis courts on your left, walk through this pine tree pavillion. Cross a grass/dirt access road and continue on, with a baseball field now on your left.
Of course, the wise men were not the only ones who heard a special baby had been born. Remember who else got the news? Yep - some shepherds. But it wasn't the star that tipped them off, it was a whole host of angels! Look for two tall tree-like poles on your left that are not trees (but they shine a bit like angels when it's dark out). Continue on past a thin white metal foul pole to the corner of the baseball fence.
If you're observant you can see a yellow fire hydrant thru the trees on your right guarded by four straight soldiers in black and yellow (don't let 'em see you!). After the wise men and the shepherds had come to worship this newborn baby, an angel told Joseph to take the child and his mother all the way to Egypt so the mean king Herod would not find him. Since they trusted God, they obeyed His instructions and so they stayed safe. As you approach the end of this hunt, there may be lots of people around - so be sneaky and quick...
At the corner of the baseball fence turn 45 degrees right. You'll see the last of one kind of pine tree on your right and seven of a new kind of pine tree before you. Walk straight ahead (at your 45 degree angle) to the tallest of these seven - it's right next to the last of three oak trees. At the foot of this tree you'll find your treasure! Whether it's Christmas time or not, remember this clue - Wise men still seek Him - and the King's seeking YOU!