Peacock  LbNA # 19544

Placed DateNov 26 2005
LocationMansfield, OH
Found By Praying Mantises
Last Found Oct 26 2013
Hike Distance?

NOTE: As of summer 2010, Kingwood charges admission fees, $5 per passenger vehicle, $2 per pedestrian or bike.

Begin at the gate at the Linden St. entrance to Kingwood Center. Take the brick path that starts under the archway. Pass between the rose-munching fiends and take an immediate left.

Stay between the crabapple trees until the greenhouse is behind you. Keep bushes on your left. Where the path forks, head for the fountain.

When you reach the fountain, go down to the pond. Near the magnolias, feed the birds (a quarter per handful).

Cross the road. Take the brick path between two trees that are showing their knees. When grass is beneath your feet, turn and walk toward Kingwood Hall.

At the star-shaped bush, go right. Proceed to the end of the path. Find the stone bridge and cross it.

Pass three stone benches. Cross a metal bridge, and pass another bench. Ten feet ahead you will see on your right a carven tree. On the left, a log leads away from the path.

Step onto this log and walk to the other end. The open end of another log faces you at 11 o’clock. Stand there, facing boldly forward. You will see -- another log! Look in its hollow left end.