Panthera Tigris  LbNA # 19545

OwnerRuns for Beer    
Placed DateDec 1 2005
LocationTucker, GA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Confirmed OK on 4/23/09.

Carved by MaineMom of 123Family

You can find this fearsome fellow in a local park, past the field where he plays, down off Livsey and past another school.

Drive towards “Additional Parking” and park near the playground. Proceed down the hill few steps and turn left on the paved path into the woods. Follow the twists and turns of this paved path until it ends over looking a stream. Cross stream over log bridge and turn right at the top of the bank. Follow the trail as it curves left at a white blaze then continue on the trail besides the lake. Cross another stream and again follow the trail to the right (white blazes). After next left hand curve, stay left on gravel “road”. Cross the stream over the large flat rock, then follow the trail downhill. Stay on the trail until to it comes to a pretty site (that’s why you’re hiking this trail clockwise today!). CAREFULLY make your way across (many ways to cross, just choose the safest way for you) and pick up the trail on the other side. The trail should lead right, to flat ground and lots of kudzu. Following the path, re-enter the woods and pick up the white blazes again. Soon a dead tree will cross your path. Step over and spy a the rootball of a tree fallenin the lake, then switch-back uphill on small path leading to the first fallen tree’s roots. From other side of trunk, site 200*; 25 steps to a tree with a hollow base. Behind a rock. Please rehide with available natural material so no Tupperware is showing – the hollow faces the trail. (Debris - rock - debris) Follow the trail the direction you were going (white blazes) back to the playground.

If you’ve done your homework you might find another “critter” on your way out. Have fun!