Weltz Park  LbNA # 19546

Placed DateDec 2 2005
LocationOakhurst, NJ
Planted By2 trekking teachers    
Found By M-squared8
Last Found Jun 16 2010
Hike Distance?

Very Easy. Dogs ok on a leash.

The clues have been updated as of April 30, 2009. It is alive and well.

Enter the park from the parking lot on Park Avenue and follow the red arrows. After the 3rd arrow look for a post with a green dot on it. Just before this post take a reading of 15 degrees and turn onto a sandy trail. Go past a fallen very dead tree. After another turn you will begin to go up a very little rise (hill). About half way up you will see 4 trees together on your right. Count 15 paces to a 2 trunk tree on the right. You will have already passed another. From the second 2 trunk tree look to your left at about 9:00 and sight a 3 trunk tree. What you seek can be found there.

After stamping in and rehiding you have several ways to return to your car.

1. Retrace your steps.

2. Return to the red arrow trail and continue in the direction the arrows point.

3. Continue on the trail you are on until it intersects the red arrow trail again and follow it back to your car. This one takes you near the source of the PA system you have been hearing.

The trails are free of poison ivy but it does grow in the park. Beware!