Lost Steer  LbNA # 19560

OwnerWisconsin Hiker      
Placed DateNov 23 2005
LocationVanderpool, TX
Found By bigdaddyfire
Last Found Apr 13 2012
Hike Distance3-5 mi
Last EditedMay 14 2016

NOTE: I've had a report that the box is in bad shape. If you hunt for this box, I'd really appreciate it if you could bring some tape to repair it, or perhaps a new container to replace the damaged box. I live out of state, so can't do the maintenance myself. THANKS!

Location: The state natural area is about 5 miles north of Vanderpool, TX on Ranch Road 187. Park near the trailhead for the West Trail. Trail maps can be printed from the Texas park web site.
Time: 2-3 hours roundtrip
Distance: ~4.9 miles roundtrip
Terrain: Climbing trail (425’ elevation gain) through woods, creeks & open area - rough & steep trail in spots.
Note: You will need a Texas State Parks Pass or pay a daily fee of $3-$6 per PERSON. There is restricted access during scheduled hunts, so be sure to check the SNA Calendar of Events before making the trip.


Well it looks like that ol’ HILL COUNTRY COWBOY took the same route as I did as he tried following my path after I wandered away from the herd – taking the first left at the split of the East and West trail, then passing area D and heading up to the top of the hill. Up here I enjoyed some tasty grass until I spotted him. Perhaps you also spotted him?

As that cowboy was enjoying the view (and forgetting about looking for me), I moseyed down the Mystic Canyon in my search for some cool water to drink. My, this trail is a bit steep! I’d better plant my hooves carefully… It looks like I’ll be walking along a creek bed again. That gets confusing to follow sometimes, but at least it means I’ll have some refreshing water. Along the way down, I’ve passed by several solitary posts – as many as the number of legs I have. Now it looks like the trail is taking a fairly sharp turn, and what’s this? Not a post, but two of those arrows fastened to the end of a broken tree and facing the trail. Hmm… one arrow points this way and one that way. I don’t know which way I want to go now, so I think I’ll take a rest instead. That looks like a nice spot - under the large boulder at 75 degrees, and shielded by that smaller white rock. I don’t care if I AM lost, I really think it is time to take a snooze……

If you disturb the steer, please be sure that he is safely and tightly tucked back into his cozy enclosures and hidden from view when you leave. To finish your hike, proceed to the West LOOP trail cutoff but head right to stay on the main West Trail. Pass the ponds, rejoin the East Trail and you’ll eventually return to the parking lot. We hope you enjoyed your hunt and since we don’t live in the area we would really appreciate an update on the status of the box if you find it.