Snow-storm  LbNA # 19603

Placed DateDec 3 2005
LocationOxford, OH
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

The Snow-storm letterbox series is dedicated to Lindsay's Snowman for introducing me to her quirky time. I had worked next door to her for about 20 years, but only really got to know her after I started letterboxing last year. I have now also contaminated many of my family members by introducing them to letterboxing (7 of them to date). Sno' we owe you so much........but we can settle that later.

This letterbox series is located in Hueston Woods State Park. For more info about directions and a map of the park go to

Box #1

This box is located on the Indian Mound trail (see directions in DB 2004 LB). Find the orienteering pole formerly labeled as #1. This is a white pole with an orange stripe at the top and bearing a red orienteering flag. It is located on the trail near the Adena mound that gives this trail its name. Once you find the pole, turn around and head back down the trail the way you came. Go 17 paces. On your right should be a tree with a blue diamond. Continue 15 paces. Again you will be flanked by a blue diamond tree. Go 7 paces further and look to your left between the trees and the fence for the first flake of winter. This box is VERY close to the trail ( is ON the trail) so please re-hide it better than you found it.

Box #2

Park near the boat rental. Across the park Loop Road is the Hedge Apple trail (part of the American Discovery trail marked with white triangles). At the first fork go right and across the wooden walkway. The path skirts the stream and may be wet during some seasons. Pass by post #2. At post #3 look 330' into the osage orange grove (those big green globby balls that appear in the late fall). About 8 paces in this direction between 2 fallen logs under some bark and leaves lies box #2.

Box #3

Head toward the Nature Preserve and look for a parking area labeled only - Hueston Woods State Nature Preserve. From the parking lot the Big Woods trail heads both northerly and southernly. Choose the Northern trail. 21 paces down the trail from the fence posts there will be a 30' high "stump" to your right. Take a reading of 320'. There will be a big log lying NW-SE direction. From the stump of this fallen giant take 5 paces down its length. Box # 3 lies inside the sleeping giant. Take care not to be seen and re-hide well.

Box #4

This box is located near Acton lake by the cabins (It may, therefore, be difficult to get during times when the cabins are in high demand). Locate cabin #37. Near there is a small paved trail that heads down to the shore. Follow it all the way to the small outbuilding located there. If you look to your left along the treeline you will see a few magnificent sycamore (?) trees. Go to the first one to your left. The last flake of winter is behind her. It may require a bit of bushwhacking....apologies in advance.

Please let me know if you find it.