DB 2005  LbNA # 19604

Placed DateDec 3 2005
LocationOxford, OH
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Once again I find myself at Hueston Woods for yet another mind-numbing meeting...sigh. At least there is letterboxing to occupy my time!

For info about Hueston Woods consult the other boxes located there.

The DB 2005 letterbox is located at the far end of the Cedar Falls trail (park in the far back of the lot). This trail will require a bit of a climb. It is probably not a good choice for letterboxing with your dog or very small kids unless both will stay close to you.

Jump onto the trail from the pullout. Just before the creek it forks. Go right. This route may be impassable in spring or after a heavy rain. You will skirt the creek for a while, then you will begin to climb....climb my pretties....climb. Yoou will pass by a stately old tree to your right. Just pass there take the right fork and head for the cedars that give the falls their name. At the cedars, take the right fork and keep climbing. At the next major fork go left and continue down the ridge. Continue straight down the trail. You will pass a very large tree with all sorts of interesting knobs and knots and uninteresting graffiti. 20 paces further down ths trail is a tree with a built in resting spot. From here you should be able to see another fair size tree with a very cryptic marking (about 10 paces down trail and to the left). Behind this tree is a pair of small logs. At the intersection of these logs lies my cure for the mind-numbing meeting.

Please email me if you find it.