Shyness **  LbNA # 19606 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 7 2005
LocationPoint of Rocks, MD
Found By how and kris
Last Found Sep 8 2009
Hike Distance?

[** You're login email is no longer accepting new messages. You can edit your login email in Member Services. The following message from a finder was returned. "Beautiful stamp, cute clues. We dumped significant water out of the box, but the contents in the inside bags were okay...logbook dry. Spot seems dry enough, don't know why it would collect water! -Mommo & My Name Aint Nancy" --Choi, one of the LbNA Webmasters, 12/16/06]

Sorry if this is lame, but we just stumbled into this hobby a few weeks ago, while on vacation. We discovered a letterbox on accident, did some research and thought we would try it out. This is our first placed letterbox. We hope you enjoy.


"Gretchen has always been a shy girl. She is just 20, but suffers from insecurities, and overall shyness. Only we, her parents, know where she goes to feel safe. We have lived on Bank Street for over 32 years. At her times of crisis, she heads South to our town's main roadway. Then heads West until she sees a small side road on her left. This leads to Commerce Street. Carefully, cross over the old train tracks. You should see an old wooden bridge built by town locals, oh, I'd say 100 years ago, maybe more. Even her great-grandfather helped with its construction. Cross that ole bridge. Head left after making it across. Loop under the bridge, but so so quietly. Do not scare her. Under that end of the bridge, you will find our daughter, sitting up on a ledge about 7 feet up. Maybe you can talk her into coming out, and coming back home."

let us know how it is!