40 and Fabulous  LbNA # 19642

Placed DateDec 1 2005
CountyLesser Antilles
LocationFort de France, Martinique, LSA
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40 and Fabulous

To celebrate my 40th birthday, I took a 12 day cruise aboard the Queen Mary 2. We stopped at seven Caribbean islands including Tortola, St. Maarten, Martinique, Barbados, Grenada, St. Kitts and St. Thomas.

40 and Fabulous was planted in Fort de France, Martinique. As we explored the Place de la Savane, we meandered along Blvd Chevalier Ste-Marie. Facing that street, we looked across the way to the naval base (Fort St. Louis) and saw two cannons pointing out at us. We turned around and saw a low stone wall around a tree with exposed roots that were knarled and twisted. To our left was an archway. We placed the box in the roots of the tree and hid it with a couple of concrete chunks that had fallen out of the wall. Just to the left of where we planted the box was an empty plastic soda/water bottle also entangled in the roots. If the plastic bottle is still there, then the box should be behind the concrete chunk to the right.

The information on/in the letterbox is in English, and since Martinique is a French speaking island, we're not confident that our request not to remove the box will be heeded. Nonetheless, we hope at least one person finds and enjoys this letterbox. Let me know if you do by emailing me at "kimberry@myway.com"