Very First Mug  LbNA # 19659

OwnerDa Kool Kats    
Placed DateDec 10 2005
Location???, CA
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Last Found Mar 18 2009
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Very First Mug

A&W Root Beer

A&W root beer is a national icon, and believe it or not, the very first one was right here in California. Find the first restaurant and go to it. When you get there go inside and check out the mugs, jugs, bears and cups on display. Those of you that are musically inclined, check out the score for the A&W March and play an "old-timey" tune on the Wurlitzer juke box.

We recommend that you try a frosty mug while you are here. If you like root beer, definitely try this one because it is actually brewed on site and, to us, the flavor is distinctly different and an improvement over canned, bottled or the concentrate that is used at other A&W's. The uncalorically challenged may be tempted by a root beer float.

After you’ve imbibed, find out what year that A&W originated and head out the side/street door. After you exit, at door handle level, let your fingers walk the Yellow Brick Road in an easterly direction until you reach the number of bricks that is the same as the last two numbers of the year that A&W was started. Count all bricks including the partial ones. The box is below the last brick of your count hanging in the bushes.

Please be discreet with your retrieval and replacement!

Maintenance check on 8-15-09: Box in place, dry and lonely.