How High Can You Go?  LbNA # 19670

Placed DateOct 7 2005
LocationBeech Mountain, NC
Found By Bokee Dog
Last Found Jul 2 2007
Hike Distance?

Most cannot fathom that the highest town in the Appalachian Mountains isn't in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine. You are instead here in Beech Mountain, an incorporated town standing 5,506 feet above sea level. It is the highest elevated town east of the Mississippi River. But to answer the box’s question, you can go much higher, as this is planted on the down side of Beech Mtn at about 5,418 feet.

From Lake Coffey proceed along the Lower Pond Creek Trail (you did spend 50 cents to get a trail map at Fred’s Mercantile on Rt 184 (Beech Mtn Pkwy) before starting out?) This is one mile of old timber forest and gentle water falls. Also very damp leaving rocks slippery and eroded tree roots create a tangled path which you must follow to the point where you encounter a fallen tree across the trail that has been sawed out to make way. After the 2nd set of timber railings look for the tree with two legs on right edge of trail. Stop before descending to its side as you should be standing next to a many serpentined rooted tree along the creek side of the trail. Here the creek flows with much din over the slick rock bed.

This tree beside you bears a Red trail mark, on the North side, and holds within its roots your location. You should be about halfway to end of the trail (refer to trail map) and my return hike from the box back to the Lake Coffey trailhead was 10 minutes up and out. Of course it was a 30 minute hike down to the box location as I had to stop every three paces to take a picture, it was so enchanting a location.

Bring your dark blue, orange, green, and red pens with you for this hand carved stamp.