What Time Is It?  LbNA # 19672

Placed DateOct 7 2005
LocationBeech Mountain, NC
Found By Margaritaville Mount
Last Found Nov 22 2011
Hike Distance?

If the leaves are green, it is time for a hike, a round of golf, summer concerts, lemonade.
If the leaves are red/yellow/orange, it is time for a hike, a festival, apple cider.
If the leaves are gone, it is time for a hike, a downhill ski, hot chocolate.

On the Wild Iris Trail (get a trail map for 50 cents at Fred’s Mercantile on Rt 184 (Beech Mtn Pkwy) park at the Cherry Gap Rd trailhead. Follow what appears to be a rocky river bed - and may very well be one during heavy rains - to the loop. About a 10 minute hike to this point. At the loop start going left (clockwise). The trail will emerge from the woods and follow a gravel road before re-entering the woods. There are several rock wall outcroppings, but when you reach the large (long) smooth faced (no moss) wall, count 68 paces (L+R) to a minor trail going left from the Wild Iris - marked with a 3 stone cairn. This is about where the trail makes a sharp bend on the map and was a 30 minute hike from where you began the loop.. Go 15 steps off the Wild Iris at 48 degrees (NE). A rock pile at the base of a tree on the right holds nature’s clock. Gently replace all rocks to thoroughly hide the box. A soft padding of leaves beneath the rocks will protect the container from cracking.

Bring your Brown, Greens, Red/Orange/Yellow pens to show what time it is.