Fantastic Fairies  LbNA # 19676

Placed DateNov 20 2005
CountyNew Haven
LocationSouthbury, CT
Planted Bycracker    
Found By mattyfungos
Last Found Apr 13 2017
Hike Distance?

Fantastic Fairies is a series of 5 letterboxes located at Kettletown State Park in Southbury. The hike is slightly over 1 mile. There's only one notepad to sign in on, and it's in box number 5.

Park at the entrance near the ranger's hut. Walk down the left road toward the camping area. You will soon cross a bridge. Look for the Brook Trail marker on the right. Stand next to it and take a compass reading of 140 degrees, and take 40 steps in this direction. Look for a cluster of small rocks with a small Hemlock tree growing out of it. Here is where your first fairy hides!

Return to the Brook Trail marker and follow the blue/yellow trail to marker B3. Take a compass reading of 250 degrees. You will see a tree with a broken top - go to it. Turn south and pass 4 trees to a rock with flat sides. This is where the 2nd fairy awaits your arrival.

Return to the trail and head southwest. Look for a double trail marker (on a tree, you will see 2 sets of blue/yellow trail marks). Just past this, you'll spy a group of trees grown together at the base. Behind this is a large rock where fairy #3 is fluttering inside the box.

Continue west on the trail, which becomes the blue/pink trail. Find marker B5, just before the bridge. Take a compass reading of 160 degrees and look for a fallen tree. Go to the base of the tree, where the next fairy is trying to escape!

Return to the blue/pink trail, and just before the bridge, turn left onto a boardwalk. Follow the boardwalk to marker H3. Take a compass reading of 320 degrees. Look for a large rock before the stream. Hidden among the rocks, Her Frogness is waiting to hop onto your notepad!

Hope you enjoyed this series. You can now retrace your steps, or head uphill to the road and go left, and follow the road to your car. Note: There is a bathroom (open seasonally) at the beach. To get there, return to the bridge (you passed it after box #4). Cross the bridge, turn left, and follow the trail to the beach. (This road also leads back to the entrance).