pseudotsuga menziesii  LbNA # 19698 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 17 2005
LocationPortland - N.E., OR
Found By StoneSoup
Last Found Sep 25 2010
Hike Distance?

Note 09/14/2014 - I'm currently in contact with the garden manager, who found the box and has it in his possession. We are talking about putting it in the gift shop, but for now it's just unavailable. He doesn't want it where it was.

BOX LOCATION: Leach Botanical Garden, 6704 S.E. 122nd Avenue. From I-205 take Foster Road exit #17, travel east on Foster Road to 122nd Avenue, turn south and continue for three blocks to the parking lot just south of the bridge that crosses Johnson Creek. The garden is not open 24/7 – visit them on the web at or call 503-823-9503 for the hours during which you can visit. It’s a delightful, quiet, well-maintained place to wander rain or shine, and there is plenty of shade on a sunny day if that’s what you’re after.
WALKING/DISTANCE: Not wheelchair accessible, some stairs and slopes.
FEES: None, but donations are accepted, and there is a gift shop on the premises.
NOTE: Don’t forget to visit another box at this garden “Leach Botanical Garden – Bull Dog Ants,” originally planted by Grow in Grace and now maintained by DoubleTree.

CLUES: As you wander about you will find ample evidence of pseudotSUga menziesii, otherwise known as DOuglas fir, but you will not see any KUdzu. Solve the puzzle below, then follow the remaining clues to find the box.

3 X X X X 9 X 7 1
X 4 X X 5 3 2 X 9
X 2 7 X X 1 X X X
X 7 8 X X 6 X X 2
X X 1 9 X 7 4 X X
5 X X 4 X X 8 6 X
X X X 6 X X 5 4 X
8 X 3 1 2 X X 9 X
6 9 X 3 X X X X 8

After leaving your car in the parking lot, walking across the bridge, and crossing the street you will enter the garden through a large gate. As soon as you pass the pillars supporting the gates:

(rearrange the clues in chronological order)
row 3, column 1 – spot the bowl to your left
row 2, column 1 – take the trail on the left, at the junction go neither left nor right
row 9, column 8 – at the Colorado spruce, go up six steps
row 2, column 3 – at the triple pseudotsuga menziesii go left and continue straight through the junction
row 8, column 2 – pass the Ginkgo biloba
row 4, column 5 – at the border boxwood hedge take the high road to the right
row 3, column 9 – the first chance you have go left, then take a quick left, then a quick right
row 7, column 6 – go right at the next pseudotsuga menziesii, sit on the small bench
row 6, column 9 – at the coniferous woods triangle, stay to your right