Aleholding in the Highlands  LbNA # 19707

OwnerThe von der Insels    
Placed DateAug 14 2005
LocationThe Pennsic War, PA
Found By The von der Insels
Last Found Jul 26 2010
Hike Distance?

Each year, only in August, at The Pennsic War Re-enactment, the von der Insels place a letterbox at the encampment of House Aleholding. After each Pennsic War, it's retired for another year.

Very Important! - The Pennsic War is held at Cooper's Lake Campground and is only accessible to those participating in the War. If you are not attending Pennsic, contact the von der Insels before they leave for Pennsylvania. We will make arrangements to meet you off site.

This Pennsic War, we are again camped with Ancaster in the B-Blocks in the Highlands.

Go up Agincourt to Banockburn, we are on the corner at the top of the hill. Ask anyone for the box, or look for the shrine. Good luck!