The Cliff  LbNA # 19709

Placed DateDec 20 2005
LocationCliffs of the Neuse State Park, NC
Found By Sugar Monkey
Last Found Feb 8 2009
Hike Distance?

Enter the park on Park Enterance Rd. Follow the main road util it ends in a parking lot. Park here and find the brown sign making the Cliffs of Neuse trail. Follow the trail and signs to the "red" Bird Trail. You will know you have reached the bird trail when you come to a set of steps leading down to a small bridge. Cross the bridge and take the path to the left. When you come to the next bridge turn left crossing the creek. Follow the red markers along the trail. As the trail nears the top of the cliffs you will see a wooden fence along the trail. Just before reaching the fence there is a pine tree on the right side of the path. The tree has a red marker on it. Stand looking accross the path with your back against the pin tree. Take 15 steps (foot falls), crossing the path and heading into the woods. You should now be standing with a small bent hollowed tree infrount of you. There are small holly trees around the hollow tree. Look in the hollow at the base of the small bent tree to find the letterbox.