Cajon Summit  LbNA # 19721

OwnerLee & Nancy      
Placed DateDec 18 2005
CountySan Bernardino
LocationOak Hills, CA
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Apr 7 2011
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: Bothe boxes alive and well - 11/25/2008.

Box 1. Water Tower
Exit I-15 at the top of Cajon Summit at Oak Hills Road and head south on the East side of the Freeway along the frontage road. As you pass the Windmill on your right, count the number of blades (____) (even number) - if blades spinning to fast to count, you can use the number of ladder steps on that tower minus 1 or 2; and after you pass the water tower, look back and note the number of letters (____) written on the tower’s tank. Proceed along this road as it turns to dirt and jogs left, toward some other water tanks, and park in the turn out to your right. After enjoying the view, proceed to the small peak about 150 yards at ((blades – letters) times 14) degrees. There is not much of a path to this location, so please be careful of your footing. The box is located under rocks and debris at the base and rear of the juniper bush that is adjacent to the Manzanita bush just over (blades) steps at (letters times 10) degrees.

Box 2. Windmill
Return to the road and continue in the same (downhill) direction until you get to large turnout on your left, just before the road begins a significantly steeper decline. Park there and head over to the large Manzanita bush (almost a small tree) on the right side of the steep declining road. From the backside of the Manzanita, proceed (blades times 2) steps to the large bush at ((blades – letters) times 12) degrees. The box is under rocks and debris behind the bush. Please secure and re-hide well.

Note: This dirt road area may require an Adventure Pass - although I did not see it posted. Probably could be avoided if you park at the end of the paved road and hike in from there. Maybe 1 mile round trip.