Cattle on the Mesa  LbNA # 19742 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 25 2005
CountyEl Paso
LocationFabens, TX
Found By Sandibox
Last Found Dec 30 2007
Hike Distance?


Difficulty: Clues require some thought and observation.
Distance: Under a half mile walk round trip.
Elevation: Less than 100 feet.
Stamp: Custom-made. Brown ink pad included.
Condition: Great - 6 Apr 2007.

This Letterbox is a LETTERBOX-HYBRID, meaning it is co-located with a Geocache. It is only available during regular business hours. It will cost you nothing to search for it. But I cannot imagine coming here and not tasting what is arguably the finest steak in West Texas. If you are traveling through, this is a great place to take a rest and let the kids unwind.

This LETTERBOX can be found in under an hour, but you may want to plan on taking a while to enjoy the area… AND the food! For more information and business hours – plus tour, history, and movie set information, go here.

The BLACK logbook, stamp and ink pad are the letterbox portion. If you are letterboxing, stamp your stamp in the letterbox logbook, and stamp the letterbox stamp in your logbook. Write a personal note in the log if you like. It is that easy!

If you would like to hunt this as a Geocache, it is waypoint GCRQGA.

The GREEN logbook is the Geocaching logbook. If you write in this logbook, PLEASE LOG IT ON-LINE at GEOCACHING.COM TOO! DO NOT put letterbox stamps in the Geocaching logbook. The waterproof paper will not take the ink, and it will make a mess.

From the junction of I-10 and US-54 in El Paso, follow I-10 east to exit 49, the Fabens exit. Turn left. Follow this road in a northerly direction until you see the Indian Cliffs. At 4.7 miles from I-10 turn right into the driveway and proceed 0.3 miles further to the top of the parking area. Park your vehicle where directed, and follow the clues.

Proceed to the north-west corner of the parking area. You will find a pathway with frequent steps going down. Follow this pathway down past the African Egg makers. On the right side at the bottom of this pathway there is an example of early western transportation.

Go directly across the paved pathway to another stepped path with strange footprints on it, and continue past the holiday egg carriers. At the bottom of this pathway – search for a tree in a triangle. Beyond this tree, find a horse-cart that that will not move.

From the south wheel of the horse-cart that that will not move, search for a sign about a place that may get you a bit rattled. Cautiously approach that sign.

From the east side of the sign, on a heading of 308º true, search for a wooden gate. Go through the gate and search for a wall where a cowboy may have had too much to drink. Exit to the right along the wall.

From the end of this wall, search for a place where a drunken cowboy might take refuge from an imagined Indian attack. Proceed in that direction to the main gate.

From the main gate, follow the trail 75 feet west. STOP, and face left. If you are not facing a double-door, you have done something wrong. Start over.

The search will be A-MAZE-ING. Pick a door and proceed. No further clues will be given, but persistence will pay off. If you reach a dead-end, don’t give up! You WOOD be well advised to check every door. Don't bump your head.

PLEASE – use stealth and re-hide it well.