LIL' BRAVE  LbNA # 19748

OwnerLee & Nancy      
Placed DateDec 26 2005
CountySan Bernardino
LocationLucerne Valley, CA
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Sep 18 2012
Hike Distance?

UPDATE: Alive and well 01/20/2007 - No finders Yet. (has been found finally)

The site of the last Indian fight in Southern California. In January 1867 Indians left their camp east of Chimney Rock to go into the San Bernardino Mountains where they looted and burned several cabins and a sawmill. In retaliation, a posse surprised the Indians at their camp and killed and wounded many, thus ending hostilities. One little brave still hides in these desert mountains.

To find this little brave Indian, start at the California Historic Monument #737 on Hwy 247 just east of Rabbit Springs Road. Look through the hole of the monument, dead center, the peak near the top of the mountain is Chimney Rock, but our Indian is hiding to the right of the Pink Building in the lower right portion of the view through this hole (pipe). To get there, take Rabbit Springs Road and immediately turn Left onto the dirt road toward Lions Pride Park. Follow this road through a couple turns until you get to the entrance to the park and turn right before entering park across from the driveway for the Pink building; and go uphill close to the large boulder to park.

Begin your short (10 minute) hike uphill (over rocks) to the Bear up on the hill (may look like a large white rock). Along the way you should pass the little Brave’s animal friends: Quail, Pig, Longhorn Sheep, Bison, and come to the Bear. Go 20 steps in the direction the Bear is headed to the right of a Large Boulder. The little brave is hiding beneath many rocks behind the Yucca bush just to the right of the boulder. Please re-hide the box well to protect him.

Warning: Do Not attempt to find the little Brave on Saturdays (or Tuesday evenings). The posse continues to chase this little Indian into the mountains, and shoot off their guns at his animal friends, every week.