A Road-Side Incident  LbNA # 19756

Placed DateDec 27 2005
LocationBoulder, CO
Found By Nora.Fury
Last Found Apr 14 2014
Hike Distance?

A Road-Side Incident

Practically a drive by/very short walk, if you happen to find yourself on the east side of Boulder.

Kid, wheelchair, dog and bike friendly.

Bicyclists: Itís on the South Boulder Creek Trail. (You may find yourself approaching from town (the west), in which case youíll have to reverse the clues, as written below.) The bridge farthest east with the golf course still to your north is your clue to slow down!


There are several ways to approach this box, depending on what kind of wheels youíve got and from which direction youíre approaching. I list only one below. From other directions, youíll have to work it out on your own, but I think Iíve given you enough information to do so. (if not, please let me know.)

From Foothills Parkway, go east on Baseline to the T-Junction with Cherryvale Road, and go north to the junction of Baseline (yep again, sorta), Cherryvale and Dimmit Drive. The Nevin Platt Middle School is the equivalent of one block east of this junction.

From this intersection, now go west on Dimmit to Gapter Road, noting the signs for Local Traffic Only and Centennial Trail en route.

At the intersection of Dimmit Drive and Gapter Road, to be safe, park on the road here, (unless youíre on a bike, of course). You might be able to park to the south of the paved path you can see if youíre facing west from this intersection. I donít think itís marked one way or another and it sure looks like private propertyÖ.to me. Anyway...

Note the stone trail marker here for South Boulder Creek Trail. By foot or bike, or other non motorization - head west over the bridge. You want the non paved trail, and very shortly, pass the evergreen you can touch to the east. Pass the manhole cover between the two trails (large reddish rock is also to east). Not too far ahead, pass the 2nd evergreen on the east then look for the brown gate on west side of the paved path.

At the 3rd green post south of this gate, stop. Face east. On the east side of the gravel path from this point there is a large tree with a deep hidey hole on the south side of it. (you can practically touch the tree from the gravel path.) For your Road-Side Incident, take CARE when poking around in the hole! We donít want critter incidents reported!

There is a bench a short distance ahead for stamping in. You should be able to see its location by looking north from the tree and noting a 2nd stone bike trail marker at the Y-Junction.

Handcarved stamp, no ink or pen in box.

Please BE DISCREET even though Iíve done my best to shield ya from nearby private property. This is a bike trail, pedestrian ones: Traffic can approach quickly! Do something like: The "Ped X-ingĒ dance. Snort TM

Status updates and hellos much aPREciated!