Frankie Allen HEBO box a.k.a. Henry and Eli's box  LbNA # 19759 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 28 2005
LocationAtlanta, GA
Found By ohana3d
Last Found Jul 5 2006
Hike Distance?

Frankie Allen HEBO box a.k.a. Henry and Eli's box


Start at the entrance to Frankie Allen park on Pharr Road. Go to the monument for the young baseball player and read the poem. Go the way his bat is pointing until you get to a green cinder block shed. Walk right until you get to the wooden structure with bleachers in it. Sit in the middle of the bottom bleacher. Look left and you will see flag poles, go to them. You will also see a pavillion, go inside it, once you are inside sit on the biggest table, look around until you see the dugout with the buck on it. Go left until you see a garbage can that says "pitch in" on it. Then walk along the path until it runs out, keep going until you get to the raised manhole cover. Walk forward to the green door. Walk past the tree and the
T-ball feild until you get to the road. Go past the two places to grill stuff and walk twenty-four paces and then turn left there is a big squarish boulder next to a big tree, there your box will be. ha, ha, ha,