FEMA City  LbNA # 19770 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 28 2005
LocationHarbour Heights, FL
Found By seswhoses
Last Found Feb 16 2009
Hike Distance?


Find the park. Park in the sixth space from the left in the lot for the boat ramp. Just above the water's edge is a multi-limbed tree that has been cut down to nubs, and the box is hidden in the center of what is left of the tree. It is a small microbox wrapped in Cammo with a rock on top, very very very well hidden, down the bank, in the brush.

After stamping-in, please double-bag and place rocks on top of the microbox, as this area is subject to flooding.

Located just north of FEMA City, the little village of Harbour Heights was nearly wiped out by Hurricane Charley. The elementary school, Methodist church, and many homes have been restored, but all the small businesses are still closed up.

The small hand-carved stamp is a greeting from a sister harbor city on the other side of the state.