Elmer Fudd goes hunting!**MIA**  LbNA # 19780 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 28 2005
LocationTuscarora/Dickerson, MD
Planted By
Found By Tempus Fugit
Last Found Jan 2 2006
Hike Distance?

*****THIS BOX IS CONFORMED MISSING 03-30-2007**************

This box is locatd at the Monocacy Natural Resources Area. Although it is Frerderick county, it is only a stone's throw to Montgomery county. It is located on Route 28. The pull off parking lot is marked, and it is right by a bridge over the Monocacy River.

-Pull into the parking lot and park facing the signs and info booth.
-Look to the right and walk to the end of the wooden guard rail.
-At the last post, look right again to a nearby path that goes up a small, steep hill.
-Go up the hill on the path for about 20 steps and stop.
-Look to your left and to the ground for a group of small to medium size rocks.-
-Look under the "homeplate" shaped, medium rock for Elmer and his hunting rifle.

GET THE WABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!