Number Four  LbNA # 19785

Placed DateDec 29 2005
LocationNacogdoches, TX
Found By silverhalos
Last Found Mar 10 2011
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Risk: mild (mild woods, some poison ivy, but not too bad)
Visibility: somewhat high, as this is near a hiking trail.

Start at the beginning of the Lanana Creek trail, downtown by Liberty Hall. Follow the trail until you come to a cemetary (Zion Hill Baptist Church cemetary).

As you come out of the woods and notice the cemetary, look towards your right. You'll see a tree with the number four spray painted on it in white paint. (we did not put that on the tree, it was already there).

Stand by the tree with your back to the number four. Looking straight out towards the cemetary, you'll notice a big tall tree with three trunks, straight across from the number four tree. Go to that tree.

From that tree, continue a short ways (about 25 feet?) to the very next tree and stop there.

At that tree, look towards your left, into the woods that are close by. If you get up close to the edge of the woods and kind of peer in, you'll see a tree that is a collection of several trunks of various sizes. It is about 50 feet in to the woods, but you can see it from the outside looking in.

Go to that tree and the box is sitting inside the trunks (not on the ground), covered with sticks and stuff.

Thanks for looking!