Damsel Fly and Others  LbNA # 19792 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 29 2005
LocationOverland Park, KS
Planted ByLarry739    
Found By sumpteretc
Last Found Dec 2 2007
Hike Distance?

The tomahawk is wider now at this place in the deeper woods. There are large pens with exotic animals nearby that were not here when the Black Bob band hunted along this stream. From the hard black ribbon look towards the tomahawk to see a pile of small logs not far away. The Damsel Fly rests under these logs. The hard black path goes under the rock bridge 800 feet towards the rising sun from this point at the Switzer path.

If you continue west on the path you will eventually come to a bench looking out on a clearing with a tall sycamore tree near the creek. If you go up the hill behind the bench through the woods to where a large tree limb has fallen on the wire, you will find the SQUIRREL living in the crotch of the tree that lost this limb.

If you go from the bench in the direction of the creek, take the path into the woods on your right. You will pass a dead stump on your left. Walk another 20 steps and look left. At the base of the limbless dead tree you will find the RABBIT hiding in a hollow spot.