GME II -  LbNA # 19797 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateFeb 26 2006
LocationDenver, CO
Found By preboxed
Last Found Mar 17 2010
Hike Distance?

GME I was originally placed on 12/30/05 in time for New Year 2006. It went missing very shortly thereafter when gardeners removed all the bushes it was hidden in.

The new box is a much smaller box, (placed 2/26/06) about the size of a large pack of gum, with a better hiding spot (and less confusing clues) I hope! The new stamp is almost the same as the first, but smaller. There is a 2nd FF since I consider this an all new box. Like most of my urban boxes: patience and stealth may be required. PLEASE! This box has already gone missing once.

“It was in Denver that my real education began...”

And it is also here that Denver had its own beginning. Just one short street is all that’s left from Denver’s oldest continuously occupied settlement. On it is also the only known U.S. residence of an internationally known person. It is to both that this box is dedicated.

You will do best educating yourself before you go find this box.

The full name of this box, a pun on words, with some Denver history - will be revealed when you find it.

CLUES – GME II Mystery Box

Eh, You! Listen up! Argonauts. Find/discover the Latin roots of:

The name of William Green Russell’s home town in Georgia; of something sometimes corny (or something which also might spook ya); and what brought Russell and a whole lot of other people here. You’ll also need to find the historical home of a person who has left us but nonetheless, went on to much bigger things on the international front, after spending time in Denver. The architectural style of the house is called a “Denver Double”, like these clues. The house is located, appropriately, in a place in Denver which also shares an etymology with these words…one in particular from above.


Go to the house in the clues above. You can peek, but NOT ENTER, unfortunately. Play a game of chess or checkers and count all the squares on the "board" at the front and top. Now double this number.

Now good buddy, (not smokey) put your ears on for a 1044 and a 1035 and now go find the location of the oldest house on this street and go there. Remember, at all times: 1012! 1028 at front. Remain at this spot.

1065 ready?
OK! It’s 1071

1041 (or 1070), 120
1016 is a number....above, but not at this location and is approximate. Do not step in any flower beds or climb any fences, but do try and hit all the pavement.

This box is NOT in, on, or affixed to any building in the area! But for your stamp dispenser, look below and on the SE side.

1099! PLEASE double check the last part of this message!

Hand carved stamp and book only. I’m suggesting 3 colors (purple, orange, black), but since this is a small box, you'll have to bring your own (markers best) and follow my sample.

Dog friendly? (on leash, I think) and “wheel friendly” (strollers, wheelchairs, and bikes). For the last: Please note the dismount signs, in places, however, and see below for more info.

a) If driving I would suggest doing so on “Denver’s Main Street” and HEADING WEST (ie from the east). The street sign you should be looking for once solving the clues above is ONLY visible from this direction. You would want a RIGHT turn from this direction. ***see below***

>Be CAREFUL when turning and MIND THE TRACKS!<

b) If driving and HEADING EAST on “Denver’s Main Street” (ie coming from the west…and I-25, which is less than ½ mile away), the street sign identifying the turn is NOT VISIBLE from this direction. Instead, on the right look for a street named for a really big grovey tree. You would want a LEFT turn from this direction.

>Be CAREFUL when turning and MIND THE TRACKS!<

***If driving***, and approaching via the directions above, there is a small public lot shortly after turning. You’ll need coins. Parking can be frustrating here, but still QUITE possible in this area during normal hours, and is strictly enforced. In non-standard hours, things get much easier, but do check the signage to be sure. Rules here are private property, NOT city rules.
Or…You may want to consider parking on the city street and walking across from the “Main Street” above.

c) Public transit and bike friendly to this turn, as well.



Status updates and hellos always aPREciated.

oh and: