Hi !-You've Got Mail  LbNA # 19809 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateDec 31 2005
LocationColumbus, IN
Found By Coast2Coast
Last Found Aug 30 2008
Hike Distance?

[Reported destroyed Nov-2011. -Choi]

This Letterbox is really a Hybrid Letterbox I have it listed on both Geocaching.com & Navicache.com web sites,I have the stamp and the logbook in here along with geocache items.If you are traveling west on ST RD 46 ,west of Columbus after you pass county road 550 W,keep an eye out for your next road to the south(on your left),it's called Country Club Road,turn south go about 1 mile and turn into Sycamore Land Trust area on east(left) side of road,from Sycamore Land Trust parking area walk main trail to the east you will come across a small oak tree(only oak tree south side of the trail, along the trail) stop at this point shoot an azimuth with your compass of 30° and procede 90' to a brush pile inside the woods,this is where the Hybrid Letterbox is,please rehide better with extra sticks,twigs,and leaves. Enjoy the beauty of this place and share it with your friends